Car Mobile App

We all know how little toddlers like to play with toy cars.

There should be an app where when you move it, it makes the sound of a certain vehicle. Then, on the screen, it shows the top of that vehicle. So you can have a train or a car or something like that.

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Halloween Trick-or-treater Map

A google map with an overlay that displays ratings of candies and how crowded streets are in your area according to past data. People can rate streets and select generally which kinds of candy were given out on different streets and how crowded they were. Then, on the map, you could select which kind of candy you were searching for and you could display the streets that gave out that particular type of candy.

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Hand warmer app

So I bike to school every morning, and when I take off my gloves my hands are always freezing. Now we all know that phone batteries can get really hot if being used quickly, so what if there was an app that downloaded than re uploaded a file, found and tracked GPS location constantly, was constantly scanning for bluetooth, and was also constantly scanning for wifi. All at the same time. It would use so much battery juice that your phone would heat up like crazy, so you can keep your hands warm.

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Pool iPad stand

Lets say you are at a pool party or maybe you are just hanging out with some friends.

What if you want to watch a cool youube clip with them while you are sitting on an inflatable chair in the pool?

I think that it would be cool if there was a small inflatable rectangular prism thingy that you could put your iPad in so that you could have your iPad standing up floating on water in a pool. It would also be nice if there were speakers inside the inflatable thing so that you could hear it too.

However the con of this would be tha the iPad doesn’t perform well in sunlight at all, which could be a problem.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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